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Dragonicum Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is one of the primary concerns of our operations, on which we will not compromise. The Privacy Policy is born of our professional skills, our ability to co-operate and our sense of responsibility. It is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information you provide us, and to assist you in making informed decisions when you use our site, our products and services.

Dragonicum.com represents business to business professionals. We will strive to operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency. The information we collect from you during a registration or purchase transaction, and how we use this information are subjects to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms and Conditions for Membership.

Dragonicum is dedicated to deliver practical and responsible content and resources to help businesses grow and succeed.

We encourage open discussions, tips, advices, questions and answers about business issues in our Forum for Exchange of Export and Import Experiences. The open communication form and flow of ideas by Users of our Website that you will find in Trade Leads and in Forum for exchange of export and import experiences, may not always represent the view and opinions of Dragonicum.   

In Dragonicum's work with assisting European and Asian companies in approaching new markets by offering promotion of their companies, products and services, we occasionally collect business and personal information from our Users and Members. All business and personal information you provide Dragonicum is provided on voluntary basis from you, and according to Dragonicum Privacy Policy it will only be used for the purpose you have agreed upon as a User of our services.  

Dragonicum takes the Privacy of its Users seriously

  • When personal information is obtained from you, we will take all practical steps in protecting your business information and personal information which you have provided us.
  • We take all appropriate steps to protect your information both online and off-line.
  • When your information is collected, we make every effort to explain explicitly how the information you provide will be used, and we allow you to determine if you consent to provide such information.
  • Dragonicum will ensure that staff and external parties working on our behalf by managing and handling personal information understand that they are contractually responsible for following good data protection practice.
  • Dragonicum will ensure that anyone wanting to make enquiries about handling personal information knows what to do.
  • If we change or modify our Privacy Policy we shall post these changes on this page.
  • The specific practices outlined in this privacy statement apply to the Website maintained by Dragonicum.
  • Dragonicum and the individual company profiles in the Company Directory contain links to other websites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites than Dragonicum.
  • Dragonicum is not responsible for the content of external websites or the level of their security.
  • We do not sell, trade or rent personally identifiable information about our users to other parties, without our users' consent
  • By using our Website you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in the manner set out in Dragonicum Privacy Policy. 

Our Principles require that personal information shall:

  • be processed fairly and lawfully and, in particular, shall not be processed unless specific conditions are met;
  • be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes;
  • be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which it is processed;
  • be accurate and, where necessary, kept up-to-date; not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes;
  • have in place appropriate technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal information.

Security Measures

Dragonicum proactively renews the security on online solutions against threats to ensure that they are resilient against abuse by hackers to gain information.

The Dragonicum Infrastructure is designed to comply with industry-accepted security best practices. Our systems are hosted in world-class security data center facilities and provide for secured access control to limit the potential for abuse by unauthorized third parties. 

This control involves Authentification and Verification of Users and Members before registration, and Authentification by means of usernames and password before information can be accessed. Authentification is further protected for transmission over unsecured public networks, by using industry-standard encryption algorithms, a cryptographic protocol which provides secure communication on the Internet for such things as Web-Browsing, Email, Internet-faxing and other data transfers. 

Important Notice!

Dragonicum will never ask you to provide sensitive information by email, such as passwords and usernames, personal information, credit card information of business information.

Once you have become Registered User or Member of Dragonicum, we have already received the necessary information about you and your business. You will have access to your own personal account in Dragonicum - and it will also be your own responsibility to log-in and update your personal information. Therefore - we encourage you to be cautious when responding to any email request for sensitive personal information. Remember: Dragonicum will never ask for any personal information from you by email!

Authentification and Verification

All requests sent to Dragonicum by email that requires answers from us or is a part of your registration process, will due to security automatically be tested to verify that the email address you use if authentic.

All applications for Dragonicum Membership, as well as for User Registration, will pass through an authentification and verification process, starting with automatically verifying that the email address is correct.

What does Authentification and Verification mean?

1. Authentification – does the company exist?
Dragonicum.com will check if the company is legally registered, and that business address and contact information operates on a daily basis. 

2. Verification – is the person employed or associated with the company?
Dragonicum.com will check if the contact person is registered, employed or associated with the company.

Collection of Information

User Information is defined as any and all data you provide to Dragonicum or other Users of Dragonicum during registration, or any other interactive feature of the system. By using our Website you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. 

You will provide us with information about yourself, your company, and your practices when you register as a User, or register to Membership of Dragonicum, register for Premium Services, Newsletters and Trade Alerts, or purchase items through our site.

You represent and warrant that the user information you provide is:

  • is not false, inaccurate or misleading
  • is not fraudulent or does not involve the sale of counterfeit of stolen items
  • does not infringe any third party's copyright, patent or trademark, trade secrets or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy
  • does not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation (included but not limited to those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising)
  • is not defamatory, libelous, unlawful, threatening or unlawfully harassing
  • is not obscene and does not contain child pornography
  • does not contain any viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, time bombs, cancel-bots or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, interfere with, surreptiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information
  • does not create liability for us and will not cause us to lose (in whole or part) the services of  Dragonicum or other suppliers
  • does not link directly or indirectly to another website 


We reserve the right to disclose User Information in special cases. In order to protect and defend the safety of our Users, Third Parties, The Website, and Our rights and Properties, and when we have reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be infringing, or threatening to infringe, or otherwise be causing injury to or interference with our rights, interests, property, or those of other Website Users, or of someone else who could be harmed by such activities.

Our Disclosure Policy does not relieve individuals from taking responsibility for their own decisions. Due diligence and critical thought are crucial in your business success.

Without any notice to you, we also reserve the right to disclose personal information in response to subpoena or other juridical order, or when we believe that such disclosure is required by any law, regulation or listing requirement, by any stock and securities exchange, governmental or regulatory authority.

Viewers of Dragonicum

When you visit our Website, we do not collect personal identifiable information about you, except when you specifically and knowingly provide it.  Some of the areas of our Website are free to all Users, while others require registration or membership. When you wish to register for our services or if you decide to fill in the contact form requiring more information, you will then be asked to provide certain information about your type of business, your request described in detail, including contact information.

Registered Users of Dragonicum

For free services that require registration (Subscription on Trade Leads, and Participation in Forum) you will be asked to provide us with certain personal and business information, including contact information, when you register.

Common for all Registered Users is that they have their individual registration keys and accounts. 

Registration for Premium Services of Dragonicum

Premium services; Advertisement, and Translation, require status as Registered User or Dragonicum Membership. For Premium Services you will as Registered User be asked to send us additional information about business line, contact information, detailed description of your request, and certain material, depending on the service.

Agreement Information

We may access your information when you enter agreements with us for services such as Advertising, and Translation.

Payment Information

Dragonicum will share your Payment Information with banks and our accountants, in order to enable transactions to be completed. Dragonicum will not use Payment Information to determine your credit-worthiness. Dragonicum has in place up-to-date technology and internal procedures to guard your Payment Information against intruders.

No Electronic Credit Card Payment System

Dragonicum have decided not to use any electronic credit card payment system. Although there are many benefits to this digital payment system, there are also many significant disadvantages. These disadvantages include fraud, credit card testing, fraud detection software, failure of technology, possible tracking of individuals and loss of human interaction. Fraud over digital cash has been a pressing issue in recent years.

We have made this decision to protect our Users and Members, minimize the risks of hacking, identity theft and payment fraud, and to enhance your awareness. If you have any questions or would like to have more information, please use Contact Us to submit your request..

Hacking into bank accounts and illegal retrieval of banking records has led to a widespread Invasion of Privacy and has promoted Identity Theft. There is never any guarantee that today's technology or procedures can eliminate all of the risks of theft, loss or miss-use.

There is also today a pressing issue regarding the technology involved in digital cash. Power failures, loss of records and undependable software often cause a major setback in promoting the technology.

Members of Dragonicum

Common for all Members of Dragonicum is that they are presented with Company Profiles in the Company Directory, and in addition they have their individual registration keys and accounts. Their Company Profiles are accessible for all Users of Dragonicum. Members of Dragonicum have access to all areas that require registration. The Member Area is a restricted area, for members only. 

Correction of Inaccuracies

Dragonicum is committed to providing reasonable and practical access to you to identify and to correct any inaccuracies in or to update the information you may provide.

Registered Users and Members who have provided information on our Website are committed to correct any inaccuracies in or update the information they have provided earlier for registration, by entering their User-profile. 

Emails and Mailed Requests

When you correspond with Dragonicum through email and mail, certain content of your messages may be retained when we respond.

Websites Linked to our Website

The links you find to other websites are provided solely as pointers of information that we bleive may be useful for Users of our website. Therefore, always read thee policied of the ther websites before proceeding.

Remember, when you use a link from our website to go to another website, then our Privacy Policy is no longer in affect, and we are not responsible for practices, security, information, and content herein of the other Website. When you choose to go to another Website, you do so at your own risk. 

Use of information

The information you provide us will be used to respond to your requests for additional information, to contact you if necessary, to service your account or for other administrative purposes. 

We may use part of your information for administrative purposes, and for marketing purposes as developing new services and products, and creation of new market strategies for Dragonicum, expanding our business activities, and provide our customer services  

In addition, we may also use the information you provide for certain mailing activities. You may sometimes receive invitation to answer surveys or try out new products and services of Dragonicum.

How we secure transmissions of information

Important changes to our Website will not be sent you by email, but will be announced on the front page of the Site. Email is not recognized as a secure medium; therefore we recommend that you use Contact Us for submitting internal messages when you have questions or concerns. 

Sharing information with Third Parties

We use Third Parties to facilitate our business, we have partners maintaining our server and domains, and we use third party companies for forwarding Newsletters and Trade Alert.

We may also enter into partnership with new partners in the future. We also have contact with media companies, publishers and advertisers. In connection with these operations our partners and third parties may have access to your personal information. They are allowed access to your information and data only for the purpose of and in connection with providing the services which we have contracted with them to provide.

Important Notice

Although we adhere to industry standards to protect your personal information and confidential data, we cannot assure that such information and data will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. 


A cookie is a text-only string of information that a Web site transfer to the cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk. It can help the Website to remember who you are, but it cannot be used by them to identify you.

Cookies are in fact only data, and not program codes. Meaning that they cannot erase or read information from the user's computer. However, cookies allow for detecting the Web sites viewed by a user on a given site or set of sites. This information can be collected in a profile of the User. Such profiles are often anonymous, meaning - they do not contain personal information of the user (name, address, etc.). More precisely, they cannot contain personal information unless the user has made it available to some sites. 

There are Sessions Cookies - they remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the Website. And there are Persistent Cookies which is stored in your computer and will remain in the cookie file of your browser. The storage period will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie. There are even Third Party Cookies which serve cookies on others Website. Some are used to count the number of anonymous users the Website - by the third parties. And at last, there are Web Beacons, which merely are used to track effectiveness of a particular campaigning, collect information about of pages that are being viewed, and count users.

How and why we use Cookies

As you visit Dragonicum, the website use its cookies to differentiate you from other Users when you are required to use Log-in as part of the registration process, in ode to identify you as a Member or as a Registered User. In some cases, we also use cookies to prevent you from seeing unnecessary advertisement and pop-up banners.

Cookies also allow us to calculate the aggregate number of visitors to our web site and which parts of the web site that are most popular. This will help us gather feedback in order to constantly improve our web site and our services.

Cookies will not allow us to gather any personal information about you, and we do not generally store any personal information that you provide to us in your cookies.  

Disabling/Enabling Cookies

There are several ways to manage your cookies. You can in fact decide to accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser setting. You can also set-up your browser to warn you every time a cookie is sent, and review the cookie before you decide whether or not to accept it.

If you use different computers to access our website, remember to adjust each browser to suit your cookie preferences. Remember also, that some of our site services require cookies. If you disable them on your browser, you may not be able to use, access or participate in such site services fully or maybe not at all

It is simple to adjust the browsers, but different ways - depending on the versions and the browser soft wares. If you do not know how to adjust them, you could select "cookies" from the Help function in your browser for information on how to manage your cookie settings. 

Expiration of Cookies

Cookies expire, and are therefore not sent by the browser to the server when under the following conditions:

  • At the end of the user session (i.e. when the browser is shut down) if the cookie is not persistent
  • An expiration date has been specified, and has passed
  • The expiration date of the cookie is changed (by the server or the script) to a date in the past
  • The browser deletes the cookie by user request

(The third condition allows a server or script to explicitly delete a cookie) 

Deleting Cookies

You can in a simple way also delete any cookie that has been installed in the cookie folder of your browser. It is simple to delete cookies, but different ways - depending on the versions and the browser soft wares. If you do not know how to delete them, you could select "cookies" from the Help function in your browser for information on how to manage your cookie settings.

An example below, for those of you using Mozilla Firefox:

ü      Choose: Tools, click Options from the menu

ü      Select: Privacy, from the dialog box

ü      Select: Cookies, and click Clear 

Google Ads – Third Party Cookies

We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.


Dragonicum has designed its Privacy Policy to serve the Dragonicum community, customers, and employees fairly. You should remember to consider every piece of information you receive, not as de facto recommendation, but as an idea for further consideration. Our Privacy Policy does not relieve individuals or companies from taking responsibility for their own decisions. Due diligence and critical thoughts are crucial to your business success. 

We will welcome your continuous input regarding our Privacy Policy and our services provided to you. You may send us your responses and comments by email to

Thank you for visiting our Website!

Last updated: 6  April 2015