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Ahlan wa Sahlan to Syria! Welcome to Syria!

We are Alafaq Tours in Damascus. We offer tours for Individual and Groups in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon in order to show them the great Civilization, inheritance and History of Damascus and Syria and its role and importance in the past and nowadays. We have a perspective to show them the real Damascus and Syria, not the commercial and tourist one, change the prejudices and stereotypes in order they go back to their country with a better and correct idea about the Arabs, the Middle East, Muslims and Islam .... So we take care of everything, the best we can, Insha Allah, as we say here.

We want to have a special and different “touch”, giving a deep and strong track of Arabic - Islamic identity and culture, in the choice of our itineraries and partners (hotels, restaurants, guides ...). We offer a personalized and authentic service: a A'rada (typical folkloric group) upon the arrival at the airport, a Hammam (Turkish bath), a present upon departure, accompaniment during all the way and other details that will make their stay unforgettable, a nice souvenir and a great promotion of your company.

We offer tailored tours and also guaranteed departure. We have itineraries of any length, (7 days, or 8, 9, 10 days, more, or less). We also offer combinations with Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Gulf countries and extensions to Jerusalem.

We want to make the difference with:

- The choice of the hotels, especially in Aleppo, where we can find Arabic palaces converted into hotels. In Damascus, we can also find 2 or 3 of them (hotel de charme, high standing). It is better than placing the clients in standard international hotels, that look like any other hotel in any other part of the world.

- The choice of the restaurants, with oriental decoration, traditional atmosphere Middle Eastern food.


  • Our packages are very complete and we include all the charges (lunches and dinners (full board), entrance fees to the monuments, breakfasts, exit airport taxes, entry visa) in order to give the most adequate and exactest price and the client hasn’t to pay anything else additional, except his own personal expenses and presents. This gives the client the feeling of honesty and guarantee and they feel that they paid for a package that was worthy.

  • Accompaniment of the group by our team, in order to help, talk, answer the questions, explain the culture, the traditions from here, explain points about Islam, about the international situation, correct some stereotypes and false ideas, give a correct image of the Arabs and Muslims. We also like to assist them in their shopping, bargaining prices, obtaining the best quality and best price.

- These points (the surprises” as the folkloric group, the Hamman, the beauty of the hotels in Aleppo, the great selection of restaurants, the personal care) have to be a “secret” between us and a surprise for the clients.

. This will give a good image of our country and your company. We also work with a long term vision. The visitor of today is the client of the future. Our aim is to make our clients so happy and their stay so enjoyable that they will come back again, with relatives, friends or recommend your services around them.


Here are two of our tour programs



Itinerary: SYRIA 14 DAYS & 13 NIGHTS >

Highlights: Damascus - Krak des Chevaliers - St. Eliane - Um elzenar Church - Mushtaia - Amrit - Cathedrae - Marqab Citadel - Latakia - Salah Din Citadel - Ugarit – Apamea - Hama - Sergeela - Al bara - Ebla - Aleppo - St. Simeon - Ein Dara - Dier Ezor - Mari - Palmyra - Mar Elias - Malula - Sednaya - Shahba - Bosra - Damascus




Itinerary: SYRIA 8 DAYS & 7 NIGHTS >

Highlights: Damascus - Krak des Chevaliers – Aphamea – Hama – Aleppo - Palmyra - Damascus



Al Afaq Travel & Tourism Services

Contact: Kareem Tours

Al Jabiri St / Al Hijazi Square, PO Box 2804,

Syrian Airline Building, Ground Floor, Damascus, Syria

Website: http://www.alafaqtravel.com


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