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Latest News from around the world

BBC News Front Page

The PM appeals to the British people over the delay to Brexit and says it is "high time" MPs made a choice.
Eyewitness accounts emerge from Beira in Mozambique, which was devastated by Cyclone Idai.
Police helped children escape through smashed windows as the suspect set the bus alight.
"Not my kind of guy," the president says of the late Republican senator in his latest attack on him.
Four men allegedly filmed 1,600 guests in 30 South Korean hotels and sold the footage online.
One woman who has overcome anorexia says Instagram didn't cause her eating disorder, but it made it worse.
The US President says tariffs on goods could stay for longer to make sure China 'lives by the deal'.
Gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying uranium to a nuclear power plant near Rio, police say.
A crowdfunder was started for eight-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi after he won a US chess competition.
The Bosnian Serb ex-leader planned the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys.
Nathan Smith says he doesn't know how he survived the Al Noor mosque attack in Christchurch.
Hungary's right-wing Fidesz party has been in a long-running row with European Parliament colleagues.

BBC Business

The central bank had hinted at two rises this year, but is more cautious due to slower economic growth.
The US carmaker said growth in the market meant it became "obvious" the company needed to add capacity.
Shares in the inventor of the blue jean have been priced above expectations for its New York flotation
The search engine has been fined for blocking rival online search advertisers.
The US President says tariffs on goods could stay for longer to make sure China 'lives by the deal'.
Jury to consider damages after one of the world's most widely-used weedkillers is blamed for cancer.
The transport secretary orders an independent assessment of the 737 Max certification process.
The money covers the first fortnight of the services, which will transport vital goods such as medicines.
The Sackler Trust, under scrutiny over money it gets from an addictive opioid drug, withdraws its donation.
The chief executive of Kingfisher, the group that owns DIY chains B&Q and Screwfix, is stepping down.
Nirav Modi, whose jewellery was worn by Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, is accused of defrauding an Indian bank.
The Staffordshire site employs 440 staff and is looking to reduce this by 145.