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Tours Trek Nepal (P) Ltd.


Nepal Trekking is anticipated for adventure hikers who forecast holidays in the Himalayan area of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is the most excellent way to know locals, culture and the attractiveness of the Himalayan country. In Nepal there are various ways to organize a trek because of two major factors. Firstly, reasonably priced (by Western standards) specialized and experienced employees available to carry loads and to work as guides and camp team. Secondly, you can nearly always find necessities and lodging locally, because there are people living in even the most isolated trekking areas.

The numerous achievable ways of trekking can be categorize into four approach: Backpacking, Tea Accommodation Treks, Self Pre-arranged Treks and Treks with a trekking company. There is a lot of extend among these, because of many similar characteristics of each trekking method. A backpacking trek with a few nights in hotels has many of the same attributes of a tea house trek. A tea house trek with porters starts to become a self-arranged trek. A self-arranged trek using the services of a trekking organization in Nepal is related to treks with a trekking company.

When is the best time of the year to trek in the Everest region?
Legendary for the heavenly mountain views and the sociability of its residents (the renowned Sherpa’s), the Everest district is the most popular touristic target of Nepal. While many of the routes to the mountains are demanding, there are sufficient amounts of places to rest and to take pleasure in a meal along the way, while enjoy the amazing landscapes and wildlife.

While trekking in the Everest Region is likely all year, the most excellent time to trek is from the beginning of March to mid of May, and from the beginning of September to mid of November. From March to May, the weather starts to get warmer with brief irregular showers. The weather conditions are often quieter than the other peak areas in September to November. Throughout April and May all the Everest climbers attend the base camp to set up their summit attempt. However, September to November is a dry season compared to other times of the year, making it the sky-scraping peak season for treks to Everest area.

When is the best time of the year to trek to the Annapurna Region?
Whereas the trekking is possible in the Annapurna region all year around, the most important trekking season is October and November with crowd going wild at this time. However, the season of September and December is also a preferable time as the climate is good and the Annapurna circuit has less activity. Many experts will advise you not to trek in the monsoon season. If you start further up in Bhulbhule or Syanja, and a bus/plane out of Jomsom, you will experience most of your time moderately covered in Himalayan rain, shadow and in regions with a small number of leaches. We at Skyline, have carried out the successful treks in the Annapurna region since the early 1990’s; so if you’re planning for a trek in the Annapurna region, make sure to consult an expert today!

When is the best time of the year to trek to the ‘Langtang region’?
The Langtang area all through autumn (mid Sep – mid Dec) and spring (March-May) is luminous, nice and warm, contribution clear and wonderful views of the mountains and charming landscapes.

Nights are a bit colder during these times of the year! The winter period from December to February is also a good time for trekking.
However, if you are bearing in mind trekking to the Langtang area, then we advise you to come during autumn and spring. If you need any assistance then send us and an email; and we will do our best to suggest the best trekking packages considering your health and budget.

Trekking in Nepal can undertake all the way through the year. There are 4 season in Nepal. Every season has its dissimilarity attraction to offer. The seasons are confidential as follows:-

* Autumn Season (Sept-Nov). This season offers outstanding climate and tempting mountain views and the weather is ideal. The Nepalese most significant festival (Dashain and Tihar) are noticeable during this season.

* Winter Season (Dec-Feb). This period is renowned for special snowfall only at upper elevation. So, it’s wonderful for trekking at inferior height, generally below 3200m.

* Spring (Mar-May). The high temperature is reasonably restrained in this time.Variety of wild plant life, particularly the rhododendrons are in absolute blossom. It is gently warm at lower elevation and at upper elevation, over 4000m, the mountain view are outstanding while the hotness is fairly extreme.
Summer (June-Aug). This is the to a great extent a respected season to trek in the rain gloominess area like Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash. This term is also suggested for forest researchers and botanist. It is suggested to carry raincoats and creepy-crawly repellents when trekking during these summer months.

We have qualified Guides and Porters who have worked in the Himalaya for many years. During our understanding in the Himalaya we have experienced that often the approved in sequence about Nepal, its history, civilization and other significant details are absent in the travel trade. A lot of visitors who come to Nepal have indicated this to us through our standard survey. Our focal vision, in front from providing outstanding services in trekking, is to provide our customers with as much perfect information about the nation of Nepal, religion, culture and the country itself as achievable. Our Guides are skilled and are highly experts in all aspects of tourism and trekking. All of our Guides have an Administration Authorization Holder, which you will see displayed in our agency. Training undertakes by each Guide address such issues as: First Aid, Eco Trekking and Tourism, Height/Heap Sickness and how to deal with it, as well as Rescue Protocol. The Guides in employment by the Skyline Treks Company are people with a confirmed track evidence of honesty and personal truth. Our Guides talk admirable English as well as other languages excluding Italy, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and others. All of our team have a cosmic knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, Buddhism and are fanatical to share their knowledge with our clients. They will also share with you less well known information about our country, Nepal.
Our Guide will request you to an extraordinary briefing every evening about your program for the next day’s actions. This will include the expected reserve to be traveled, points of interest to look out for along the way, and all other applicable information. Much time to inquire questions and discuss your day too. We provide a basic Medical Kit to each Guide which includes items commonly needed during trekking. Some of these items are Bandages, Analgesics (painkillers) and Antiseptics etc. They will control all the realistic aspect of your trek, as well as ensure your calm and privacy for your night’s adjustment at the end of your day. You will find the high standard of our Guides is reliable, and is always thoughtful to all your needs.

All of our Porters are from the mountain region of Nepal and have been outfitted in the trekking field for many years. They will bear your belongings, food and other needed items in a secure and protected way. They are watchful to preserve your belongings in good condition, defending them against wet circumstances, sharp rocks and other possible hazard. Our porters are truthful, and arrogant of their personal honor. Because they are mountain folk, their tradition is straightforward and proud of their individual reliability. Because they are mountain folk, their heritage is a precious asset which also payback you. They are forever keen to join in singing and dancing at the end of the day, and this always bring a smile and hilarity, it create an milieu of fun and satisfaction for you to contribute in if you wish.

Hiring our porter you will be clever you to walk with no trouble which will make your trek more enjoyable and relaxed. Your luggage is always within reach should you need whatever thing from a bag which is being approved by our Porter. We would like to appeal you, our clients, to go with an open mind, be prepared to understand all the fun and anticipation of your trek, and also rest guaranteed that our Porters and Guides are contented and happy people to be accompany by. You can inquire any difficulty you may have about the culture, community and country. You are hiring a Guide and Porter for you security, calm and a pleasant journey. Please tell the Guide without delay if you have any difficulty during your trek.
We are always dedicated to the best service for our customers. Your comments are always welcome and valued; they provide precious impending for us for future treks. We are glad to give you the chance to communicate openly about your opinion and experience with us. Please leave your remarks with us at the end your trip. Both your good and not so good remarks will help us to make our service more successful and well-organized in the future.

Contact information
Contact person:Mr. Dheeraz Cha[again
Contact email:click to unhide
Contact phone:00977-1-4269197
Contact fax:00977-1-4212738

Detailed information
Year of establishment:2008
No. of employees:24
General manager:Sanjaya Ba
Board chairman:Madhav Pandey

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USA, UK, Japan, German


USA, UK, Japan, German

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Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Tour, Nepal Expedition, Nepal Hiking, Nepal Climbing

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